Stats: 5'6", brown hair, Blue eyes

Degree: BFA, NYU Tisch

Location: New York, New York

Willing to travel


Skills: Singing, guitar, painting/drawing, songwriting, writing, dialects, bartending, US Passport,  Valid  NY Driver's License


HomeBound                       Lead                 Dark Passage Films


Windblown                           Lead                 Hot Jam Productions

The Last Frost                      Lead                 Dark Passage Films

Pickings                                 Lead                 Usher Morgan – Digital Magic Entertainment

Prego (short)                        Lead                Usher Morgan – Digital Magic Entertainment

Death (and Disco Fries)     Lead                Dennis Cahlo


Before The Snow                 Supporting      Manmade Productions

Hotel (short)                         Lead                Manmade Productions

BadPuss: A Popumentary   Lead               Emily Weist- Blue Moose Productions


Frenemies (Episodic)           Lead               Discovery ID


For20                                      Lead                 Blazur Productions


Out Of Body (short)            Lead                Josh Depew

2010 - present

God                               Evie                       Manhattan Rep.


Don't Tell Me to Smile   Sue                        Emily Weist-- Columbia Playwright Showcase


West Beth Stories          Lily                         Emily Weist-- Columbia MFA Site Specific


Philosophie                    Penny                     Ran Xia-- Reckless Theatre Co.


Lend Me A Tenor            Diana                      Jerry Winters – Playhouse On Park

Sunday On The Rocks    Elly                         Geoffrey Horne – Lee Strasberg Institute

Time Of Your Life            Kitty Duval              Denyse Owens – Lee Strasberg Institute

Ivanov                              Zinaida Savishna    Meghan Finn– Lee Strasberg Institute


2010 - present

Available upon request.

Training & Workshops

New York University Tisch School Performing Arts, BFA Drama

Lee Strasberg Theatre and Film Institute

Jennifer Gelfer Master Class


Stonestreet Studios

Upright Citizens Brigade

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